Urban Rebounder

Urban Rebounder
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  • Adjustable Incline
  • Foldable
  • Steel Frame
  • Simple Assembly
  • Free Workout DVDs
  • Free Support Bar

It can get a little noisy sometimes but at such a low price point this rebounder is definitely one to consider.

It’s Affordable

First let’s start with the price, since this is the main source of concern for a lot of people. If you know anything about rebounders, you’ll know that the high-end models can cost upwards of $500. The Urban Rebounder is anything but expensive, as most sell for $100-150 depending on the seller. It comes with a free stabilizing bar, which usually costs $30 when bought separately. On top of this, you’ll also some free workout DVDs to help get you started with some exercises if you are new to rebounding.

Simple Set Up

Other than the price, this is perhaps the most desirable quality the Urban Rebounder brings to the table. In fact, it is one of the main reasons why it has become so popular over the years. For most rebounder owners, the assembly process is probably the least pleasant part of the rebounding experience overall. Assembling a mini trampoline can be super complex if you’re not handy or don’t have the right tools.

The Urban Rebounder comes fully assembled right out of the box. The mat and the springs come pre-configured and are already connected to the frame. All you need to do is simply unfold and lock the frame, and then snap the adjustable legs in place. The only thing you’ll need to attach yourself is the support bar should you decide to utilize it. All in all, the fast and simple assembly process is a major plus for a lot of people.

Adjustable for More Challenging Workouts

Perhaps it’s most unique feature, the Urban Rebounder can be configured in two different positions – flat or elevated. By adjusting the trampoline’s legs, you can easily control the incline level, making your fitness routine even more challenging and thus, more effective. If you’ve ever walked on an elevated treadmill before, you can probably attest to the added difficulty that even a small elevation can bring to your workout. The elevated position is a great way to finish up an intense session or can be used all the time for those with a higher level of fitness.

It’s Foldable for Easy Storage

One of the main problems with many rebounders on the market today is that they can be very bulky despite their small size. If you have plans to store your rebounder in a tight space like under your bed or inside a cabinet, good luck! That is unless it’s foldable. As the name suggests, the Urban Rebounder was designed for tighter urban living spaces. Not only do the legs fold, but the trampoline itself folds as well. That makes it so much easier to store when you’re not using it. With the legs tucked away and the mat folded up, the unit becomes just a fraction of it’s original size.

It Comes with Free Workout Videos

If you are new to rebounding and are worried about a learning curve, you’ll be pleased to know that the Urban Rebounder comes with some helpful instructional DVDs. In fact, you get two DVDs. One DVD offers three complete workouts for the level position, and the other DVD gives you another six workouts for the elevated position.

High Weight Limit, But Use Caution

The Urban Rebounder’s stated weight capacity is a substantial 300 lbs, however heavier people whose weight pushes that threshold should use caution while using it. Some folks have reported sudden mechanical failures when the model is pushed to its limits. For these reasons, if you weigh closer to 300 lbs it may be better to opt for another rebounder such as the Needak, which has a max capacity of 600 lbs. If you weigh under 250 lbs then you probably have nothing to worry about.

Does It Make a Lot of Noise?

The Urban Rebounder uses a metal spring system instead of a bungee system. It is certainly not the most quiet of rebounders. In fact, many people have complained that it can kind of noisy especially when it hasn’t been oiled in a while. But if you plan to use it in a place where noise isn’t an issue, then this is still a great rebounder considering all of it’s other positive attributes.

What Other People Are Saying Online

  that it’s noisy and that it emits a strong chemical odor. On a more positive note, the majority of people loved the instructional DVDs that came with the trampoline – the workouts included are said to be easy, helpful and fun.

The Final Verdict

The Urban Rebounder is sturdy enough to support an intense workout, light enough to move around the house and adjustable enough to store in tight places. It’s legs and frame are made of steel instead of aluminum, which gives you peace of mind knowing the trampoline you are jumping on is made from high quality materials. The mat feels just as solid, without any areas that are dramatically more elastic than the rest. It’s a lot less expensive than a Bellicon or Cellerciser, but if you’re expecting the same level of quality and features then you’ll probably be disappointed. But at such a low price point,  Especially

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