Mini Trampoline Accessories

Your mini exercise trampoline can be paired with a host of useful accessories. You can buy a handy carrier bag for when you’re on the go, support bars and frame cushions for added safety as well as instructions on DVD or in book form. You can also use resistance cables to incorporate into your rebounding workouts.


If you’re nervous about staying balanced on a mini exercise trampoline, you can keep yourself steady with some support bars. They help to improve balance and are especially useful for older people and those just starting out with rebounding. Support bars come in a variety of sizes depending on the trampoline’s diameters.



Having kids means taking extra precautions to avoid potential injuries. Frame cushions help you put safety first. They’re often made with extra-thick foam so if anyone takes a tumble while bouncing, they’ll get right back up without a scratch. Cushions are available for all trampoline diameters and installing them is easy.


With a carrier bag, your mini trampoline can go wherever you go. Ever bounced outdoors? You have to try it – it’s literally a breath of fresh air for your workout routine. Many carrier bags have inside pockets for storing screw-in legs and other parts. They often come with a shoulder strap and/or carry handle so you can easily take your mini trampoline with you.

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