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Rebounding is fun and enjoyable, but it so much more. Through regular and consistent use, you can experience amazing health benefits. However, not all rebounders are cut from the same cloth and the amount of benefit you receive can vary greatly. A poor quality rebounder can place too much stress on your muscles and joints, causing slipping, discomfort or injury. It’s important to make the right choice, the first time.

The Health Circulator rebounder traces its roots back to over 60 years ago. With so much knowledge and experience, it’s safe to say that the company behind this trampoline knows what they’re doing. They continue hold the same principles as when they first started, adhering to a strict fabrication process with precision engineering and high-quality parts. The unit includes a hand-welded steel frame, a gold and silver plated spring system and a 38-inch-diameter permatron mat. All in all, the Health Circulator is tried and true.

Amazing Health Benefits

Over the years, the Health Circulator has been praised by many people who use it for their regular exercise routine. People that would have otherwise been sedentary have experienced incredible improvements in their health and well-being from using it consistently. Here are some of the most notable health benefits:

It Can Improve Your Lymphatic System

Rebounding is a truly amazing way to increase the circulation of lymph, which is the fluid that circulates throughout your lymphatic system. The lympatic system plays an integral role in the body’s immune system, removing and destroying waste, debris, dead blood cells, pathogens, toxins and cancer cells. Since the lymphatic system does not have a central pump (ie, the heart), its circulation throughout the body depends on the motions of the muscle and joint pumps. When you bounce on a rebounder, you are activating these muscle and joint pumps, thereby stimulating lymphatic flow.

If you are thinking about buying a rebounder specifically for the purpose of improving your lymphatic system, then the Health Circulator is by far the best rebounder on the market. With about twice the bounces per minute as the Cellerciser, the Health Circulator is not designed to lift you high above the mat. It is designed to provide continuous upward movement, called levitation. Consistent levitation opens up the lymph valves held in place by gravity, which creates the negative pressure required to suction the lymph system so that it moves around the body.

It Can Strengthen Your Cardiovascular System

Regular exercise on the Health Circulator can strengthen your heart in two ways: by improving the tone and quality of the muscle itself and by increasing the coordination of the fibers as they wring blood out of the heart during each beat. In fact, the aerobic effect of the Health Circulator has been tested by NASA and has shown to be superior to running, without putting strain on your muscles and joints.

It Can Increase Your Lung Capacity

Bouncing on the Health Circulator creates a natural demand for oxygen because it uses so many of our body’s muscles and tissues at the same time. The great volume of gentle muscle movement creates this effect with just a few minutes of exercise daily. With an increased demand for oxygen, your lungs capacity to use oxygen will increase. With more oxygen in the bloodstream, your body can remove impurities, resist infection and slow the aging process more effectively.

Made in Honey Brook, Pennsylvania

The Health Circulator is made in Honey Brook, Pennsylvania in a quiet, relaxed setting away from noise, pollution and distraction. This preserves the attention-to-detail and integrity of the fabrication process, which manifests itself in the quality of their work.

How to Use the Health Circulator

In order to get the best effect, we suggest leaving your feet on the mat and doing gentle rocking, shuffling, walking or jogging. All this has the effect of engaging gravity in the three vertical potentials – acceleration, deceleration and gravity motion. The body responds by engaging all your muscles in stretching and strengthening, all at the same time.

Can Children Benefit From It?

For children, the Health Circulator provides the same types of benefits as with older adults – improved balance and coordination, stronger muscles and bones, better posture, higher oxygen intake and lower stress. But perhaps the strongest benefit that has been seen in children is relief from asthma and allergies, mostly due to the lymphatic cleansing.

Hand-Welded Steel Frame

With a hand-welded steel frame, the Health Circulator is built to last for many years. The frame is a circular shape, which distributes the bounce impact more evenly than a square or octagonal design.

Gold Plated Spring System

The Health Circulator’s gold and silver plated spring system is engineered with precision. The springs create a nice bounce that is balanced and firm, which allows for a safe, enjoyable and effective workout.

Permatron Mat

The Health Circulator ‘s mat is made from a fabric called permatron. Many other high-end rebounders use this same material for their mats as well because it can withstand a lot of pressure without getting stretched. It absorbs no moisture, doesn’t break down and is resistant to ultraviolet rays.  It has a sweet soft spot and is easy on the joints. Not to mention, it looks good.

What Other People Are Saying About It

“I was having arthritic trouble with my right knee… taking cortisone… couldn’t straighten out my knee completely. After being introduced to the health circulator, I haven’t needed any cortisone and and my right knee is no longer stiff…”
John Whitman – Wichita Falls, Texas

“I had high blood pressure about two years ago…. really dangerously high. A friend introduced my to the Health Circulator… Sure enough, my blood pressure did start to go down… I had much more energy too.”
Nancy McConnell – Dallas, Texas

“I was a diagnosed diabetic over fourteen years ago. Eight years ago I had to start using insulin by injection. Two months ago I started using the Health Circulator, and now I’m off insulin.”
Alma Waldhart – Ryan, Oklahoma

“I haven’t had a migraine since I started using my Health Circulator!”
Rachel Maddocks – Calvert, Texas

“Following my knee injuries and surgery, Dr. Pat Evans (Dallas Cowboys team physician) recommended rehab work on the Health Circulator, and I felt immediate success. Dr. Evans said if I did any running it had to be on the Health Circulator’s specially engineered softer surface.”
Julia Wager – Wichita Falls, Texas

“The Health Circulator is the only one that gives a positive QRA every time!”
Dr. David Cohen – New York, New York

“In the first eleven days of use, doing nothing more than a gentle bounce in the morning and two minutes in the evening, I have lost approximately ten pounds and approximately two inches off the waist. I also feel better than I have in months, and am sleeping better at night.”
Henry Fonda – Mineral Wells, Texas

“I purchased many Health Circulators. I use it for my patients. It is an amazing therapeutic masterpiece. I am a Shiatsu Reflexologist and Kenesiologist, balancing brain chemestry, etc. I highly recommend this circulator I purchased from the Health Circulator Corp.  There are many different circulators I have purchased. They are not working as well as this one works.”
Evelyn Santana – Lakewood, New Jersey

The Final Verdict

While it’s not the ideal rebounder for doing high bouncing, the Health Circulator is one of the most effective trampolines out there for lymphatic drainage and detoxification. Remember, it is not designed to lift you high above the mat. It is designed to provide continuous upward movement, which opens up the lymphatic valves and creates the pressure needed to move lymph around the body. This gentle and consistent bouncing motion is the key to adequate detoxification. With a over a 60 year track record, the Health Circulator adheres to a strict fabrication process combined with precision engineering and an emphasis on high-quality parts. All of this results in a rebounder that delivers maximum results.

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