How To Use a Mini Trampoline for the Best Results

Bouncing on a mini trampoline is fun and gives you a very effective workout. Jumping on one routinely helps you build muscle and stamina, improve your cardio and lymphatic systems, lose weight and more. In fact, several studies have shown that jumping on a trampoline can be a more effective workout than running when done correctly. Here are some tips on how to use it effectively.

Step 1 – Warming Up

To warm up, bounce gently with both feet on the trampoline mat. This gentle bouncing helps you get accustomed to the feel of jumping and balancing yourself at the same time. While bouncing, continue to keep both feet on the trampoline mat until you are comfortable lifting your feet off the mat. Bounce for five minutes as a warm up or longer for a simple yet effective cardio exercise.

Step 2 – Trampoline Jog

Stand in the center of the trampoline mat and start jogging lightly. Jog in place by slightly leaning back and raising your knees in front of you as you jog. Make sure to keep your body centered as your jogging on the trampoline. This exercise can be used by people regardless of their fitness experience.

Step 3 – Jumping Jacks

Doing jumping jacks on a hard surface can place a great deal of stress on your back and your joints. However, doing jumping jacks on mini trampoline minimizes this, since the rebounder absorbs much of the impact. While on the trampoline, jump in place for about one minute before you start doing the jumping jacks. If you are unable to coordinate both your arms and legs at the same time, practice the arm motion while jumping with your feet together and then vice versa. Your arms should be parallel to the ground while your feet are spread apart.

Step 4 – Knee Lifts

Bounce on the trampoline with both feet. Once you have a steady rhythm, you can perform knee lifts. Bounce one time with both feet together, and then on the next bounce, bring one knee up high as if you are marching. Bounce with your feet together again, and bring the other knee up. You can switch it up by bringing both knees up together as high as you can on each bounce. To work your abdominal muscles, twist your waist as you’re lifting your knees.

Step 5 – Adding Weights and Arm Motions

You can add hand weights and arm motions to your workout to tone your arms and increase strength. By incorporating hand weights to a mini-trampoline workout, you substantially increase the intensity of the workout. Feel free to run, jog or jump on the rebounder with light weights. As you’re bouncing, lift them in front, to the side and over your head. You can do bicep curls and shoulder presses as well. If adding weights into your routine is too difficult, simply move your arms as though you are holding imaginary weights.

Safety Precautions

Bouncing on a mini exercise trampoline also comes with a few safety precautions. The rebounder needs to be stable and strong enough to support your weight and the impact of your body. You’ll also need a good amount of space for jumping, with a relatively high ceiling and enough space around the trampoline to avoid hitting any windows, walls or furniture.

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