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If rebounding is going to be your preferred form of exercise, then the Bellicon rebounder is a solid investment. Not only is this rebounder quite stylish, but the performance is great too. The bounce feels fantastic and you can exercise with peace of mind knowing your body is being well supported.

The Advantages of the Bellicon Bungee

Rebounding ​exercise can vary from low impact rehabilitation of injury and ailments right through to intense cardio training, so any innovation that makes ​exercise more adaptable to individual needs is a welcomed bonus. The biggest such innovation by Bellicon has been the implementation of rubber bungees which are used instead of steel springs. The presence of bungees over springs allows for more customizable bounce characteristics. Not to mention, rebounders with bungee systems are usually softer, quieter, and allow you to jump higher. Not only do bungees allow you to customize the feel of your rebounder, you can also customize the look through a variety of colors:

Classic or Premium?

The decision to go with the Classic or Premium Bellicon basically comes down to your personal style and your budget. Keep in mind that both the Classic and the Premium have the same bounce. The differences lie in the style and the warranty. Here are the main differences between the two:

Classic Bellicon: features a black frame, with a protective powder coating. It also carries a 5 year warranty for the frame.
Premium Bellicon: has a sleek, stainless steel finish that is scratch-resistant. It carries a 10 year warranty for the frame but is substantially more expensive than the Classic.

If you plan on making your rebounder an attractive and elegant fixture in your home, then you may want to go with the Premium. The stainless steel finish looks beautiful and blends in with the surroundings with style and grace. However, your purchasing decision may largely be determined by what you can afford. At the time this article was written, the Bellicon Premium version costs $249 more than the Bellicon Classic. If the Premium is too pricey for you, then don’t worry – the classic sill has superb quality and will last for many many years.

Which Size Should I Buy?

Bellicon rebounders come in three sizes – 39 inches, 44 inches and 49 inches. Unfortunately, many folks end up buying a size that is not ideal for their specific needs, so it’s important to consider some important points. If you have a small apartment or limited space, then the 39 inch or the 44 inch rebounders are great options. The 49 inch trampoline may be better if you’re tall or plan to practice extra wide moves like squats, but of course, make sure you have the space to accommodate it.

Another point to consider when deciding on a size is how high you plan to jump. If you plan on only doing low bounce exercises, then the 39 inch model may be your trampoline of choice. Mini trampolines with smaller mats naturally provide less air time. If you plan on buying a rebounder for lymphatic drainage for example, the goal is repetition… not how high you can jump. In this case, rebounders with less bounce are actually more beneficial. That’s not to say the larger models can’t accomplish your goal. In fact, 44 inch is the most popular size and is used for a variety of purposes. It’s spacious enough to workout comfortably, and yet still small enough to stay out of the way. The 49 inch model has many more bungee cords than the 39 inch and also has the deepest bounce.

Should I Get the Screw in Legs or Fold Up Legs?

Bellicon offers screw-in legs or fold-up legs on their rebounders. If you plan to store your rebounder in a small place such as under your bed, you may prefer to go with the fold-up legs. If you are worried about the fold-up legs being shaky while bouncing, it’s important to realize that the quality and engineering of a Bellicon is so good that this never ends up being a problem. Both screw-in and fold-up legs both totally secure and of super high quality. I can’t imagine that you can go wrong with either one.

What Colors Does the Bellicon Rebounder Come in?

The colors of the Bellicon rebounder are highly customizable. With so many possibilities, we suggest narrowing down your options to the colors the best match your personality and style. The happier you are with your rebounder display, the more visible it will be, and as a result, the more you’ll be inclined to jump on it. Here are some of the many different color combinations you can select:

If you’re looking for a top-of-the-line rebounder that can be customized to your liking, is relatively quiet and isn’t going to shuffle around on the floor, then we would highly recommend a Bellicon.

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