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For many people, fitting an hour of exercise into a busy schedule can be challenging. Between work, school, children and other obligations, life can often get in the way. For such reasons, the Cellerciser presents itself as a godsend. With only ten minutes of your time, this rebounder can provide you with an insanely effective workout. Durable, foldable, and above all else beneficial to mental and physical health, this rebounder is great for anyone who wants to be happier and healthier.

Who Created the Cellerciser?

The Cellerciser is one of the most popular rebounders online, so naturally many people have asked us who created it. This rebounder is creation of David Hall, a high-impact lecturer, fitness expert and the founder of the Center for Cellular Health. David has made numerous television appearances (CNN, BBC, and Fox) and has given over 2000 lectures on personal training, physical health and emotional wellness.

Adjusts to Your Weight and Style

The Cellerciser rebounder uses a patented spring system that provides maximum support and adaptability. It’s the only self-adjusting spring of its kind, adjusting to the height and weight of the person using it. This means that regardless of how light, heavy, tall or short you are, this rebounder provides a bounce that is customized for you. While jumping, the trampoline mat stretches from the middle, and the weight is gradually absorbed through the ends. This allows the body to accelerate and decelerate smoothly and safely.

Easy to Assemble – Even Easier to Fold and Transport

Once you get the Cellerciser rebounder, you’ll soon realize that it’s super easy to set up and in most cases, you’ll be able to use it in less than ten minutes. The most interesting part, however, is how simple it is to transport it. All the Cellerciser models are easily foldable so you can store it tight locations or take it on-the-go. This provides endless flexibility when and where you can use it. For example, you can take it to your  TV room to watch your favorite show while exercising. Then, when you’re done, simply fold its legs and move it under your bed or store it in your closet. Maybe you want to show your best friend how cool rebounding is and so you decide to take it to their house. Just fold it up, place it in it’s carrier bag and voila, it’s ready to go.

Minimized Risk of Injury

Many cheap rebounders come with mats made out of canvas, nylon or plastic. When stretched, this material can cause your ankle to buckle while jumping, and it can also injure your knees, hips, back and neck. The Cellerciser rebounder uses a high-quality permatron mat that is put under extreme heat and pressure conditions during its creation to produce a literally nonstretchable result. What this means is that the jumping surface will not stretch regardless of how you land on it. Combined with the advanced spring system, this rebounder can supports many different movements from many different body types, without throwing you off balance.

Fitness DVD Included

The Cellerciser comes with the “Cellercise Ultimate Excercise DVD” which basically serves as your virtual trainer so you don’t get overwhelmed if you are at a beginner fitness level.  Containing workout guides for aerobic, calisthenics, strength, and overall health, the DVD gets you working out right away without missing a beat.

Which Model Should I Buy?

The Cellerciser comes in three models:

  • Bi-fold Rebounder (without Bar): This is the most basic model that has all the features and benefits described above without the bar and the tri-folding capability.
  • Bi-fold Rebounder (with Bar): This model is a bi-fold like above, but it also comes with a stability bar that allows you to maintain your balance while bouncing. It also gives you the ability to perform different types of workouts as demonstrated in the included DVD. The bar can be easily detached if you wish to remove it and easily reattached when you wish to use it again.
  • Tri-fold Rebounder (with Bar): If foldability and portability are your top priority, then the tri-fold rebounder is definitely the one for you. This model uses a different type of folding technology from the previous two and becomes really small when folded to make moving and storing it even easier.


The Cellerciser will not only outperform cheaper alternatives, but it will also outlast them. With a frame made of steel and a very durable mat surface, this rebounder is built to last for many years, if not decades. It’s super easy to set up, fold up and move around. Not to mention it adjusts to your height, weight and bounce style with it’s patented spring system and nonstretchable mat. In our opinion, the Cellerciser is a superb rebounder for anyone that wants to promote a healthy way of living.

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