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  • Heavy-Duty Steel Frame
  • Weight limit of 600 lbs
  • Hard-Bounce or Soft-Bounce Models
  • Foldable or Non-Foldable
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Made in United States

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Description: Needak

The Needak is a top quality rebounder that is effective, durable and safe. One of the only rebounders manufactured entirely in the USA, they pride themselves on setting the gold standard as the premier rebounder manufacturer in the industry. Needak maintains the highest standards of quality control, from design to finished product, adhering to a strict fabrication process with precise engineering and high-quality parts.


The Needak rebounder is built to last. The frame is made of heavy-duty steel along with 36 heavy-duty spring mechanisms and custom springs. The rebounder mat is made from a material called permatron, which can withstand a lot of pressure without getting stretched. The mat also resists precipitation and sunlight which adds to this rebounders durability.

Hard Bounce vs Soft Bounce

Needak makes two types of rebounders: the soft bounce and the hard bounce. The primary differences between the two rebounder types are the weight limit and how bounce impact is absorbed.

Soft-Bounce: Low Impact

The patented Needak Soft-Bounce springs work to reduce the impact of each bounce by over 85%. This ensures that the user reaps the benefits of rebounding without putting unnatural strain on their knees and spine. The Needak soft bounce model has a weight limit of 300 lbs.

Hard-Bounce: High Capacity

The hard bounce has a max weight capacity of 600 lbs. It’s worth mentioning that the 600 lb. weight limit is totally unique in the rebounder industry. Most other mini trampolines on the market have a weight capacity of 300-350 lbs; a few offer a capacity of 400 lbs. This gives the Needak hard bounce a unique competitive advantage for people that would otherwise be limited by standard weight limits. You won’t have to worry about the rebounder bottoming out while jumping.

Folding or Non-Folding

Needak offers both folding and non-folding rebounders. The ability to fold your rebounder allows you to easily store or transport it wherever you please. For example, if you have limited space in your house or apartment, you can place your rebounder in a small closet or even under your bed while you’re not using it.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Needak rebounders come with a limited lifetime warranty that ensures your purchase is both safe and reliable.

Made in the United States

Needak has very strict in-house quality control standards for their mini trampolines. They’re manufactured in the United States so the quality control is all localized, which means you won’t have to worry about cheap parts and misconfigurations.



  • Weight limit of 600 lbs
  • 40 inch frame
  • Steel frame made in the USA
  • 36 high-quality springs
  • 6 steel legs
  • Weights 26 pounds
  • Polypropylene bouncing mat
  • Non-toxic and lead-free
  • Workout DVD included
  • Replaceable clevis pin
  • Comes in blue or black


All Needak rebounders come with a limited lifetime warranty that ensures your purchase is both safe and reliable. 


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