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  • Beautiful Design
  • Highly Customizable
  • Bungee Spring System
  • German Engineering
  • Screw-in or Fold-up Legs
  • Sizes Available: 39″, 44″, 49″

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Description: Bellicon

The Bellicon has been, and continues to be, the world’s premier rebounder: no other rebounder can match the quality of materials, attention to detail and overall performance. Beneath the Bellicon’s elegant appearance are years of research, testing and design that add up to one thing: a smooth, effective bounce that will spoil you for anything else. The Bellicon has won numerous quality awards and has been praised and endorsed by a host of professional athletes, doctors, fitness gurus and health institutes.

Unique Bungee Design That Makes All The Difference

A rebounder is only as good as its bounce, so we created a unique bungee system to increase the benefits and reduce the strain of every jump. No spring rebounder, Bellicon knock-off, treadmill or stationary bike comes close to the feel or the performance of the Bellicon. It’s the most fun you’ll ever have while getting in shape, losing weight, improving your health and boosting your immune system.

The Perfect Choice

It’s incredibly adaptable, making it the choice of a wide range of people from Olympic athletes improving their speed and endurance to senior citizens rebuilding their health and mobility. As a Bellicon owner you are entitled to a FREE 90 day* membership (*limited time offer) for Bellicon Home – an amazing fitness program for the Bellicon. Order yours today and discover what the Bellicon can do for you.


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